A well-maintained and up-to-date irrigation system ensures your landscape’s appealing lush green appearance. Everyone wants their landscape to be full of herbs, shrubs, different plants with colorful flowers, big trees to provide shade and comfort us. All these plants have different types of water needs and are to be fulfilled with a proper irrigation system.

Today we have different types of irrigation systems which efficiently and effectively provide water to the plants so that there is no wastage. Some of them are even automated and have a timer. Timely maintenance makes sure the problems are avoided even before they become a problem. But what if the irrigation system is malfunctioning or is not working properly? How will you know that your irrigation system is damaged and needs repairs?

Here are 5 signs that you need to study and take immediate action before it’s late:

1) Dripping sprinklers: If you see a part of your landscape extra wet or is getting muddy, then it’s definitely a leak in the sprinkler head or the pipe. A cracked pipe leads to wastage of water and will overwater the area and form puddles which are not good for plants, as well as the lawn, which will become squashy. Wastage leads to increased water bills. One needs to hire a professional irrigation repair company to check if there is a major leak and get it repaired.

2) Dry patches:  While the damaged sprinkler head or a leak in it shows there is wastage of water, it also shows that the water sputtering area is less because the leak affects the pressure in the pipe. It usually takes time to notice the drier spots depending upon the weather conditions. It also takes time for the grass to turn brown, by then it will be too late. One can easily mark the range of the sprinklers at the beginning and observe whether or not it covers the radius with the same pressure as it used to earlier.

3) Higher water bills: If you see a rise in the water bills than usual, you need to see the usage of water in different areas of the house. Check if there is any leakage in the irrigation system or is it using excessive water unnecessarily and if any modifications are needed to improve efficiency. In case you are using pressure hoses or sprinkler systems, there are chances that there may be a wastage of water. To tackle this, one should seek professional help.

4) Health of the plants and soil: This is one of the best ways to determine how the irrigation system is working. You can see if the trees are not green enough or the plants are dying, there is a layer of moss on the surface of the soil, and more weeds are growing around the area. The quality of soil also determines that the soil isn’t getting enough water and nutrients. Excessive or lesser water supply can easily affect the plants and the professional will take proper care of that after a thorough analysis.

5) Frequent repairs occur within a short time: The older your irrigation system gets the more maintenance it will require, the pumps, pipes, valves, and other parts start to clog or form a layer on which reduces the water flow. Wearing out of the parts is also a common issue due to weather conditions. Some parts of the irrigation systems are at times underground and have to be checked with proper tools. This is why timely inspection and maintenance has to be done with the help of professionals; they carry all the tools and equipment which makes it a lot easier and faster to complete the job.

Just like other electronic items, gadgets, tools, equipment the irrigation system requires regular maintenance, while few of the tasks might seem easy, it is better to seek professional help as soon as one reports an issue and get it fixed sooner so that it doesn’t cause more damage to the landscape.

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