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Food Waste In America In 2022

Taking public transportation is a great technique to reduce your carbon footprint if it’s available—walking or biking to work is even higher. In the us, particularly invasive species embody the Chinese privet, a shrub that now dominates greater than 1 million hectares of land throughout the southern U.S., and Burmese pythons, which threaten the birds, mammals, and even crocodiles in Florida. Just as U.S. energy storage technology needs to be updated to serve the needs of renewable vitality sources, our nationwide energy grid will have to be updated so that energy may be efficiently and reliably distributed across the country. Although most of the technical aspects of grid modernization will fall on electrical engineers, this industry additionally has opportunities for people interested in communications and advertising. Similar to science communicators, community educators help battle climate change by providing folks with the necessary data and skills to get energetic in their very own backyards.

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