Keep reading if you’ve ever wondered how to make your feminized versions of seeds. There are several methods. Here’s what you need to know:


Fortunately, making feminized seeds is much simpler than most people might think. While conventional methods like colloidal silver to make female seeds are effective, they also have drawbacks. After selecting the mother plant, grow the clones in various environments to determine whether they tend to produce pollen. While plants can be chemically induced to produce male flowers, they shouldn’t naturally produce pollen sacs. Therefore, it’s important to test the hardiness of clones before breeding them, especially for feminized seeds. This method is best used in cloning two different strains of plants.

Colloidal silver

This method is safe and effective if you’re wondering how to make feminized seeds using colloid silverColloid silver is a water-based solution containing silver particles that will never settle and cannot be removed by normal filtering. Colloidal silver is available commercially, or you can make it yourself in a pinch. Many people use colloidal silver for various applications, including reducing the risk of fungal infections, soothing burns, and stimulating human digestion. Colloidal silver is also useful for horticultural purposes, reducing disease risk. However, you should ensure that your solution contains at least 30ppm of silver to avoid male sac development.

A colloidal silver solution is easily available and easy to use. Spray the bud site daily with the solution and watch the flowers develop. The male flowers will produce pollen, while the females will produce nectar. You can also harvest female pollen to pollinate other female plants. Although this process is easy and safe, it is not 100% guaranteed. If you’d prefer to use colloidal silver as a fertilizer, you can purchase a colloidal silver generator.

Gibberellic acid

When you want to grow marijuana plants that are only compatible with females, you can buy gibberellic acid. This substance can produce female flowers and is very effective at preventing the development of male plants. To make feminized seeds, you must spray a solution of this substance on the bud sites of female plants. You can find it online or at nurseries.

The tetracyclic di-terpenoid gibberellic acid, also known as GA3, is a plant hormone. It is responsible for stimulating seed germination, triggering the transition from the meristem to the shooting stage, and the juvenile to the adult leaf stage. The compound also influences grain development and sex expression. Furthermore, gibberellic acid inhibits ethylene, a plant hormone that promotes female flowering.

Collecting pollen

Firstly, you need to collect the pollen. Then, it would help if you stored it properly. Ideally, it should be stored in an airtight container. Alternatively, you could use a plastic bag. In any case, you need to keep the pollen away from light and moisture. Pollen should be stored for at least a year. However, this can be extended by using a freezer.

Female cannabis plants will develop pollen sacs before they flower. You can harvest this pollen by tampering with a black table. Pollen collected from reversed females will take longer than male plants. As a rule, reverse females should be reversed one week before the female receiver plants begin flowering. To make feminized seeds, you should start harvesting pollen at least one week before the receiving female flower.

After you collect pollen, you can freeze it to keep it fresh. You can also collect pollen from female plants by dabbing it on paper and tapping the pod on a piece of paper. Then, wait for the pollen to dry. Then, place the pollen pouch into the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Afterward, place the pollen pouch in the airtight glass jar and leave it for 48 hours. Once the pollen is frozen, mix it with dry cooking flour to create feminized seed.

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