The following blog will look at an integrated wine cooler, the advantages and disadvantages of having an integrated wine cooler, and whether one should build a wine cellar instead. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to store your wine, you should consider buying a wine fridge. These can house any type of wine, even spanish sparkling wine.

What is an integrated wine cooler?

If you have never heard of an integrated wine cooler, then allow this to explain it to you. It is essentially a fridge installed into either an existing cabinet or any unused space that can house and store your wine. It is built-in, discreet, and can be placed anywhere in your home.

Advantages of having a wine cooler

If you are considering buying an integrated wine cooler, here are a few advantages. One of the main ones is that you can set the temperature. Addiotanlly if you have a dual-zone model, one can then store different wine sets at different temperatures. Moreover, a wine cooler can be a multi-proposal fridge. While its primary purpose and function are to store wine, one can also use it to store any excess or overflow of fruits, vegetables, cool drinks, or other alcoholic beverages. In addition, a wine cool looks rather sleek and fashionable, especially because you can have motion sensor lights and sound effects. Finally, it can fit into any cupboard or space in your home.

Disadvantages of having a wine cooler   

While there are many advantages to consider, there are also a few disadvantages to having an integrated wine cooler. Firstly, is the price. For a good quality built-in wine cooler, one can expect to pay upwards of £500, which not everyone can afford. Secondly, a built-in wine cooler is not mobile. Although this may not seem to be a significant problem, it may cause an issue if you want to move or renovate your home, as then you will have to work around the wine fridge. Lastly is the maintenance. Like any other appliance, you will need to clean your wine cooler regularly. One will have to switch off the refrigerator, remove the wines, and place them in a cool, dark space. Additionally, you will have to check regularly to see if there is any moisture build-up of frost. Once you have cleaned your wine fridge, you will have to wait for the temperature to reset before putting your wine bottles back in, which can be a timely process.

Why one should consider building a wine cellar

Although a wine cooler can have many benefits, building a wine cellar may be more beneficial and cost-effective. Therefore here are a few reasons why a wine cellar is more practical. Firstly, a wine fridge only has a specific amount of shelf space. Therefore, one won’t be able to purchase boxes of wine, especially when there are special deals. However, one does not have to be too considerate about storage with a wine cellar. In addition to this, one can easily access their wine and organize it. Furthermore, there is less maintenance with a wine cellar than with a wine cooler. Lastly, a wine cooler can become faulty, needing new parts, whereas a wine cellar does not require any ‘parts’ to make it function.

An integrated wine cooler has many advantages along with disadvantages. While it can store wines at different temperatures and have innovative features, there is a lot of maintenance that comes with it. Therefore, before purchasing one, it may be wise to evaluate what other options are available.

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