If we have a place at home where we must keep our vehicle, it is important to know the types of doors that best suit us.  We are talking about our safety, design, and beauty needs. So it is good to see the main types of Hialeah garage doors that we can place in ours.


The main types of garage doors that exist are:


  • The folding doors are the most used.
  • The sliding doors.
  • The up-and-over doors can be presented in several models. That generally consists of a leaf that rises, remaining in the superior zone, or two leaves that fold and remain in the zone.


What are garage doors called?


We have sliding doors that slide down the wall. Also, the folding doors can be folded inward or outward, as you prefer. This door has the problem that you need a lot of space in the garage for opening. Finally, we have the sectional doors that open upward and slide along the ceiling.


How long is a garage door


For double garages, the standard sizes range from 12 to 18 feet wide, with models available for a height of 7 feet and also 8 feet.


What is needed for an automatic door?


Sliding doors need a sliding motor for their installation. It requires the use of racks that run the length of the door. These motors have a mass sensor that causes the system to stop if it senses the presence of an object or a person between the two leaves of the door.


What is the swing gate?


The folding doors are characterized because they have a component of opening to the interior and exterior. So they have a function to allow the passage from one environment to another. This is done using a rotation mechanism on a vertical axis located on the sides of the doors, where the hinges are.


What is the cheapest garage door?


The up-and-over garage doors are much cheaper than other alternatives. They are the most accessible option in the garage door market. Their quality-price ratio is very good, and they are resistant, easy to install, and quite aesthetic.


How an up-and-over garage door works


The up-and-over garage door also called lift and slide or counterbalanced, consists of one or two leaves that open vertically. It moves up and down along the side guides, leaving the leaf against the ceiling when it opens.


What are sliding doors called?


A sliding door is a door that opens horizontally with a sliding movement over a predetermined space. This space is parallel to the place where it is located.


What is a non-overflowing overhead door?


A non-overflowing up-and-over door is one in which the plane of the door is attached to the side guides using sliding rollers. These go alongside guides that raise or lower suspended from lateral steel cables. They are attached to a pulley system to compensate for the door’s weight.


It is important to know what types of garage doors are available and which ones you can fit due to your budget or available space. So it is good to consult with garage door experts and don’t be left without the best service.


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